Review of King of Boys

Review of King of Boys

Kemi Adetiba’s King of Boys movie has proven that Nigerians are willing to watch a Nollywood non-comedy film in the cinema.

Like I promised earlier, I’ll share my experience at the cinema with you.
I watched King of Boys at Ozone Cinema in Yaba, Lagos and it was the first time I had to be on a queue to enter the theater where a movie I wanted to watch was scheduled to show.
By the time I got in and secured a seat, I noticed that they had to bring in plastic chairs to accommodate viewers. The room was packed full.
Trust the Nigerian audience, they made it more fun to watch as different individuals made funny comments in response to what some characters in KOB had done or said. It was an energetic audience.
There were different episodes of applauds, unified laughter like we planned it and at some point unified screaming. Yes, like that scene were Makanaki asked one of his guys to bite the table. OMG! You needed to hear literally everyone in the theater scream like they felt the pain.
Trust me guys, Kemi Adetiba shifted the bar some good inches higher. Nollywood standard just went up.
For those who like to hear technical things:
1. Story
The plot was interesting and had a lot of suspense. You couldn’t really tell how the story would end. I like the fact that Kemi allowed grey areas in this story and not the normal, the good person always ends well while the bad person gets punished.
2. Photography and Cinematography
I enjoyed the shots used in this film and it was obvious every shot used was deliberate. Although at the beginning some of the medium shots were out of focus, they did not last too long. I am referring specifically to the scene where kemi had a conversation with a senator during her mother’s birthday party.
3. Sound
I enjoyed the sound production. You could hear every conversation, even when it had to be a whisper. Ambient noise was allowed in the right scenes. I particularly liked the sound when Eniola met with a politician in her car after church. You could hear the sound of the car engine, indicating it was running. Sound was perfect.
4. Make up and Visual Effects
This aspect was on point. The make up for Eniola’s friend who was sick was wow! The corpse in the coffin, the guy who lost his teeth, ha!
5. Editing
Whoever edited this movie did a great job. I particularly like the fact that they did not overuse establishment shots and the transitions were clean. I also liked the use of some transition effects that are rarely used in films.
6. Casting
This was perfectly done. Every character brought their A-game and were true to themselves. I enjoyed the role played by the NCCC officer, Gobir. He was greeted with applauds when he made some heroic moves in one of the last scenes of the film.
If you have not seen King of Boys please create time to do so. The cast and crew of King of Boys did a great job. Well done guys!
I am open to your comments and feedback.
Oghenefego Ofili

Oghenefego Ofili

4 Responses

  1. Yea, I have seen the movie #KingOfBoys and I must commend your effort at doing a review of the “best Nollywood movie” of the moment. You did a great job. As an arts person, I commend your review. You harped on the important points. Your review is technical, concise and apt.
    Kemi Adetiba sure raised the bar for other Nollywood directors/producers. Kudos!

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