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Documentary Production

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In line with our vision, Teo-Inspiro partners with various organizations and individuals to tell Africa’s stories of development through documentaries. We provide well researched, top-notch documentaries that serve as a communication tool for our clients. For us, documentaries do not have to be boring. So, we apply creative concepts in our scripting, shooting and editing to deliver a product that is educative, informative and entertaining.

Related Services

Studio Rental

We provide rental services to creative that need a well-equipped modern studio for their productions. Photographers, Videographers, Podcast hosts, etc. can hire our studio space for a reasonable fee.

Videography and Photography

We provide video and photo coverage for all events; meetings, conferences, trainings, weddings, burials, birthdays, etc. What distinguishes our projects from others is that we bring our journalistic skills to every job. Every event is pre-scripted based on the story the organizer wants to tell. We then present your video in the format of a

Event Management

We provide corporate event management services to organizations that need a professional touch to their events. Give us your brief and we would take it from there. With over a decade in the events industry, we have the network and capacity to manage your events excellently.

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