African Culture and Creativity (AC&C) Hub Summer Camp

An Initiative of Teo-Inspiro International

Aimed at preserving the rich African cultural heritage for future generations. We are empowering kids and teens to be self-aware and understand their identity as Africans by leveraging digital and onsite learning platforms to achieve this goal.


A generation of culturally-aware, creative and proud Africans


To create physical and digital platforms that promotes and preserves our rich cultural heritage

Objectives and Potential Impact

  • Help the younger generation of Africans understand their identity and appreciate their heritage
  • Preserve our local languages
  • Reduce illiteracy and crime rates by empowering young Africans with leadership and entrepreneurial skills
  • Raise citizens of African descent who will contribute positively to their home and host countries
  • Promote intercultural exchanges and appreciation for diversity

Summer and Holiday (Hybrid) Program Features

We are hosting the most exciting program for kids, age 6 to 15 years old this summer in Nigeria, United Kingdom, Canada and United States of America. We have a lineup of amazing courses

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Frequently Asked

We hope this FAQ list has answered some of your questions about the AC&C Hub Summer Camp.

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What is the AC&C Hub Summer Camp?

The AC&C Hub Summer Camp is an initiative designed to empower kids and teens to connect with their African heritage through fun and engaging activities.

The AC&C Hub Summer Camp is open to kids and teens of all ages who are interested in learning more about African culture and creativity.

It will be communicated after registration

The AC&C Hub Summer Camp will be held at a combination of onsite locations and through our digital learning platforms. Specific locations will be announced closer to the start date.


  • Language Classes
  • Storytelling, drumming, and dance workshops
  • Arts and crafts projects inspired by African traditions¬†
  • Cooking classes featuring traditional African cuisine
  • Guest lectures from African artists, musicians, and cultural leaders
  • Audiovisual Production Classes (Photography & Videography)

The AC&C Hub Summer Camp will celebrate the diversity of African cultures. While we may explore some specific cultures in more depth, we will strive to provide a broad overview of the continent’s rich heritage.

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